You been abducted!

From now on you’re the sole property of the Sol – son and the Milky Way Empire, the improvements you’ve undergone have made you stronger and more durable, you won’t grow old, you won’t get sick and you won’t die. Your eternal life as slaves begins on the North Star spaceship, so you’d better get to work or get off the table. This is the reality that Arena 612 team members wake up to every day. They have to work harder and faster to keep their place on the table, otherwise they won’t get coupons to buy food and other things they need. But their lives take a surprising turn when the Sol -son, the ruler of the empire, announces a team contest in honor of the Jubilee celebrations, with the winning team gets to be set free. They know their chances are slim, but they’re willing to do anything to win. Will they be able to break free?

The Creators

Sivan Gilor is a creative writing teacher, dreams of becoming a famous writer, Western and Eastern philosophy enthusiast, lives in Tel Aviv with her three children and five yard-cats.

Annabelle Cepic is an experienced illustrator and owner of the Wolfini Art Studio. For the past ten years, she’s been involved in illustration and animation. A fan of Brazilian jiu jitsu and computer games, she lives in the north of Israel with her dog and four cats.